Our mission is to purchase REO properties to resell to homeowners and to manage the resulting land contracts for long-term gain. Investors interested in participating in our cash-flowing portfolio of REO properties are invited to contact us.

Mehran Aminzadeh

Mehran Aminzadeh – Founder, President, and CEO of Summit Solutions Team Corp is an active and experienced real estate investor and entrepreneur. His focus is REO investment, acquisition, project management, strategic planning, and investor relations.

Mehran has more than 12 years of experience in real estate investing, construction of new luxury custom homes, rental properties, multi-units, and foreclosures.  In 2008 Mehran founded Summit Solutions Team with focus on foreclosure properties. Summit’s mission with the REOs is to transform lives through affordable housing and empowering families to enjoy the American dream of home ownership. Summit is also focused on growing its cash-flowing portfolio of REO properties with investments partners.

Prior to real estate Mehran held various engineering and managerial positions in high tech with Intel Corp and a startup company for 18 years. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering in the field of semiconductors in 1988 from Oregon State University.

Mehran enjoys outdoor activities, camping, skiing, and scuba diving.

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